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Cosmic Country

Cosmic Country

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Somewhere south of Joshua Tree and north of El Centro, a mystic vision beamed down upon us in the middle of the desert.  Signs, symbols, flashes of light from out of the darkness.  Most of the experience was akin to a phosphorescent and polyphonic blur  - before we lost consciousness.   And as the sun peaked over the horizon, there before us in the morning light, scribed into the earthen rock by our campsite were these 12 symbols.  We knew we had to get back to the shop and turn this cosmic vision into reality.   We give you, The Cosmic Country strap.  What does it all mean!?  I guess that's for us all to find out.  Maybe we're not supposed to know.  One thing is for sure... those aren't the kind of brownies Mom used to put in our lunch boxes.



Width - 2"

Max Length - 59"

Made In USA.

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