100TK - Extra Tier Kit

Set of arms for any StandTastic stand for wall-mount kit

  • Depth adjustment - 12-22"
  • Adjustable angle
  • One set (2 arms included) holds one keyboard
  • Great to use with VF-1 for small studios
  • Fits all Standtastic Stands

A note from LM:

Thank you all for the amazing support of this product.  We've seen a huge demand for them over the past year or so.  We're making them as quickly as possible while still maintaining the highest quality standards.  They WILL be out of stock sometimes.  Just how it goes.  But, we WILL deny to make them as long as you guys keep wanting to rock them.  If you have any questions - shoot them to info@lmproducts.com.  If you're waiting on an update for when they are back in stock, check you spam folder.  We always, always, always send updates to everyone who has requested them.  Thanks!

- LM

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