Standtastic F.A.Q.

 We've compiled all the most-asked questions about Standtastic.  If you have a question that isn't answered here, please email us at INFO@LMPRODUCTS.COM


How much weight can each tier hold?

This isn't a clear cut answer - much of it has to do with proper installation and how hard you play.  A good conservative estimate is 70 lbs.  


How deep of a keyboard can it hold?

The tier arms extend from 12 - 22"


How narrow can I set up a 100KS, 102KS, 122KS, or 103KS?

We suggest setting it up as wide as possible to make it secure.  We recommend 36".  The narrower you set it up, the more wobbly it becomes.  36" will be very secure for any full size keyboard.


 Is the depth (front to back) adjustable for the 100KS, 102KS, 122KS, or 103KS?

No, it is fixed at 30" to maximize stability.


How many tiers can I fit on my VF-1 wall mount?

3 is a very comfortable amount.  4 is possible, but a little tight depending on the dimensions of your keyboards.


How many tiers can I fit on a 100KS, 102KS, 122KS, or 103KS?

A lot!  But realistically, 2 or 3 on the 100KS and 102KS, 3 or 4 on the 122KS or 103KS.   Again, this depends on how tightly you want your keys stacked on top of eachother, the depth of your keys, and how easily you need to access controls on the top of the keyboards.  


What do you I need to buy to mount 2 keyboards to my wall?

You need 2x  100TK and   1x VF1.  That's two tier kits and one wall mount. One 100TK includes 2 tier arms (enough to hold 1 keyboard).  Each VF1 includes 2 rails that you mount to your wall.  


Does the VF-1 include screws and bolts to mount to my wall?  

No, you'll need to reference the instructions below, identify the material your wall is made of, and purchase mounting hardware accordingly.  PLEASE take your time and make sure they are mounted properly.  They are only as strong as what they are mounted to.... i.e. find studs behind your walls to mount to or use proper screws for concrete walls.  


Instructions for wall mounting:  click here


Do the tiers lay perfectly flat/parallel to the ground?

No, they angle very slightly.  This is comfortable for most players.  But if you prefer perfect 90 degree angle, then you will want to purchase U-Bolts that you attach to the tiers to accomplish this. 


How do they look set up in an awesome studio setup?

Here's a great video a customer made on why/how he likes Standtastic for his studio.  Thanks Jim!..   Check it out here