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Crazyhorse Leather Guitar Strap

Crazyhorse Leather Guitar Strap

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The Crazyhorse Leather Guitar Strap is the strap that just gets better and better with time - like your guitar playing, we hope!  It features and rustic full grain leather that is hardy enough you can trust it on your favorite guitar.  It also softens and forms to your shoulder with use.  It's minimal in design - no stitching or gaudy logos.  It's not there to steal the show - just there to do a damn good job of holding your guitar. 

Colors: Black, Brown
Width: 2.3" or 2.9"
Length - 37" - 58"
Made In USA
What's the difference between the Smooth Leather and Crazyhorse Leather?
Crazyhorse is thicker and has more color and texture character.  The smooth leather is well... smooth and more uniform in color.  If they were amps, Crazyhorse would be an old Fender Twin that has been gigged with since the 70's.  Smooth would be a new Vox AC30 right out of the box.  Both are great - just depends on what type of gig you're playing.

Notes on width - 2.3" is just slightly narrower than a 2 1/2" strap & 2.9" is just slightly narrower than 3".  2 perfect sizes!
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