The Journeyman Series

It is a certain kind of person who chooses the life of a musician... if you can even call it a choice.  To deal with the long drives between gigs, the countless hours of practice and rehearsal, the ups and downs and breakups and breakdowns, the smokey bars and concert halls - each leaves their mark on a musician over time, like embedded badges of pride and scars of glory.  And no matter what, there's always another note begging to be played. After all..

This is a journey. 

The Journeyman straps are designed to forge that same path with you.  We've selected and hand-conditioned a leather that will weather and strengthen and change over time with you every step of the way.  It will start out like you were when you picked up a guitar for the first time - a clean, blank canvas, ready for the rough and tumble road ahead.  And like you are now... callouses on your fingertips, living out of a suitcase, and out there chasing down the next gig from town to town - the Journeyman straps will take on a complex, beautifully weathered look.  So, we're not going to simulate some 'distressed' leather like you've been on the road with it for 20 years already.  No... we won't deny you the honor of that.  Have something to show for your adventures on your shoulder every time you pick up that guitar - make it a Journeyman.

And be sure to check in along they way.  Each Journeyman strap is individually serial numbered so you can fill us all in on your travels and gigs.  Post some pictures, put a pin on the Jourmeyman map, and let us know where you're performing. After you get your Journeyman strap, just use these instructions to log in and post your adventures. We'd also love to share them on our Facebook and Instagram.  



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