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Mason Sleeves - Leather Mason Jar Cup Holder

Our Mason Sleeves are a great way to add to the experience of your morning coffee, your evening beer, or your nightcap whiskey.  The subtle smell of leather added to each sip takes everything up a notch or two - even truck-stop coffee,. Trust us on that one.  Honestly, there are just some moments you want to enjoy, but not with fine china... moments sitting out back in the fall by a bonfire, on a trail in the spring, the beach in the summer, or being lazy on the couch in the winter.  The Mason Sleeves simply make those moments a little better.  Or if nothing else - you'll have "your" cup and a heck of a conversation starter.

*Comes with a Wide Mouth Ball Mason Jar (Pint) and lid.

* Remove leather before washing the jar


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