El Torero - One of One

Each and every model in our Craftsman's Reserve are exclusive in nature, limited in quantity, and exceptional by design.  Each model is born from the hands of our master-craftsman - Pat O'Denius.  From his roots in the bygone tanneries of the pacific northwest, through decades of designing and crafting everything from holsters to wallets and backpacks to motorcycle bags, O'Denius is one of the rare and true artists still prolifically creating truly unique works of art that are as functionally flawless as they are aesthetically captivating.

  • Thick, strong leather that securely attaches to your bass
  • Super comfortable foam padding
  • Bass clef cut-out with detail stitching and hair-on-hide insert
  • 3.5" wide pad that is made of premium, soft, textured leather
  • Easily adjustable leather tail
  • Please note!  This strap is ideal for wearing your strap between 40" - 50"

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