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The Double Standard Leather Guitar Strap

We took the Standard Leather Strap and gave it a little upgrade - kind of like getting the racing wheel upgrades on a new car.  The Double Standard strap features some of our most popular leathers with an additional layer of smooth synthetic leather that is soft on your shoulder and easy on your wallet.  In the end you get a strap for life that will look great with all your guitars. 
- Options -
Colors: Black or Brown
Leather: Smooth, Super Soft
Width: 2.3" or 2.9"
- Specs -
Stitched with heavyweight thread
Length - 37" - 58"
Made In USA
Notes on width - 2.3" is just slightly narrower than a 2 1/2" strap & 2.9" is just slightly narrower than 3".  2 perfect sizes!

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