Journeyman guitar straps are for the musician who quickly realized their dream would be an adventure.  From smoky bars to concert halls, there would inevitably be some well-earned scars along the way.  We could simulate the look of a strap that has been through 20 years of hell-and-back adventures - but why would we deny you that honor?  

Journeyman guitar straps are crafted from a specific type of leather that evolves, changes, and darkens over time and use.  The more you use the strap, the more it evolves.  It's an ever-changing leather that will read like chapters of the storied trials and triumphs of your troubadour pursuits.

And because each guitar strap becomes personal documentation of your travels, each Journeyman is individually branded with a unique serial number.  With that number, you can choose to register it on our Journeyman map to let everyone know what bar or city your band is leaving their mark on each night.  You can also share the before and after photos of your Journeyman guitar strap.  To learn more about our Journeyman Map - go (JOURNEYMAN STRAP MAP).

  • Vegetable Tanned Tooling Leather
  • Garment leather reinforced backing
  • Simple, last-forever guitar straps that are worth holding on to